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Looking to work on hourly basis?


Work when you want

We help you match up your skills and experiences with relevant work opportunities. We also help you connect with businesses where you can work on your own terms, set your own schedule and earn extra cash to survive. We provide you with the freedom to choose a preferred location where you want to work in your free time and allow businesses in that area to reach out to you when they need help.

How Does it Work?


  • 1. Update your work profile as per your skills
  • 2. Select job category
  • 3. Set hourly rate
  • 4. Define your availability : Instantly / Weekly
  • 5. Select specific job type : Part-time / Full-time / Seasonal

And let work find you!



Looking for workers on hourly basis?


Help when you need

We are here to help you find an appropriate worker and hire them instantly when you need them at your workplace. We provide you and the workers with a common platform to reach out to each other instantly. It's an easiest way to hire a motivated worker who can contribute to your business on hourly basis.It's a place where you can get an on-demand workforce.

How Does it Work?


  • 1. Add your business details
  • 2. Add job category
  • 3. Define your job type : Part-time / Full-time / Seasonal
  • 4. Use prescreen to shortlist

And hire the right worker instantly!


HourlyBee App

A flexible approach for workers to earn and businesses to hire.


About us

HourlyBee is a platform where workers can utilize their free time and earn extra cash for a better living whereas,businesses can find workers when they need instant help at their workplace.This app specifically designed for those who are searching for part-time jobs or hourly jobs. Read More

Story Behind

HourlyBee is a brain child of Mr. Hitesh Patel. The aim behind this initiative has always been to provide a subtle and easy way for job seekers and employers to reach each other instantly. The idea was to be able to provide an on-demand workforce and in order to do that we simplified the process of hiring and coordination between the workers and the businesses. Read More

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